The Keys to Developing and Maintaining Ideal Aesthetic Outcomes with Anterior Dental Implants
Co-Sponsored By Straumann

Presented by: Dr Ricardo Mitrani

April 16 5pm - 9pm
April 17 8am - Noon

Coming Fall 2020


The Opioid Crisis; What Role and Responsibility do we have as Dental Professionals?

Presented by: A Former District Judge and Expert in Opioid Addiction Litigation

September 17th 5pm - 9pm
September 18th 8am - Noon

Former Faculty and Guest Presenters

Fall 2019 – Strategies for Combating Peri-implant Bacterial Biofilm Infections – Non-Surgical Air Abrasive and Erbium YAG Laser Assisted Treatment of Peri-implantitis

Dr. Gregory Farthing DDS, MSD, PC

Spring 2019 – Contemporary Protocols for Aesthetic Zone Tooth Replacement

Dr. Ryan Lewis DMD, MSD

Fall 2018 – Implant Restorative Pearls for Monday Morning: Unmasking the Links Which Lead to Complications or an Ideal Treatment Outcome with Dental Implants

Dr. Bryan Harris DMD

Spring 2018 – Making the Connection Between Theory and Clinical Practicality with Dental Implants

Dr. Brent Ludens DDS

Fall 2017 – Restoring Implants with Simplicity & Confidence while Avoiding Complications

Dr. Richard Kinsel DDS

Spring 2017 – Evolutions in Implant Dentistry

Steve Hurson

Fall 2016 – Restorative Driven Dental Implant Failures

Dr. Alfonso Piñeyro DDS

Spring 2016 – Paradigm Shifts in Dentistry

Dr. Gregory Farthing DDS MSD PC

Fall 2015 – Implant Overdentures: Pearls, Practicalities and Pitfalls

Dr. Jason Gillespie

Spring 2015 – Simplification of Implant Prosthetics to Increase Productivity and Profitability

Dr. Robert Vogel

Fall 2014 – Managing and Avoiding Complications in Implant Dentistry

Dr. Dean Morton

Spring 2014 – Salivary Diagnostics, Oral Plastic Surgery & Peri-implantitis Update

Dr. Gregory Farthing


Dr. Sang Lee

Spring 2013- Peri-implantitis: Liabilities, Controversies, and Treatment Protocols

Dr. Gregory Farthing

Fall 2012- Cementation of Dental Implants

Dr. Alfonso Piñyero

Mid-Winter 2012- Prevention and Treatment of Peri-Implantitis

Dr. Gregory Farthing

Fall 2011- Dental Implant Complications

Dr. Frank Higginbottom

Spring 2011- Digital Dentistry Overview

Dr. Donald Somerville

Mid-Winter 2011- Maintenance of Dental Implants

Dr. Gregory Farthing

Spring 2010- Prosthetic Keys to Success in the Aesthetic Zone

Dr. Will Martin