Ascent Membership

We continually strive to make your participation with us more cutting-edge and empowering. Maximize your experience at the next Summit Dental Implant Study Club event by becoming an SDISC ASCENT MEMBER!


What is ASCENT Membership?

SDISC ASCENT members are an exclusive group of doctors who work closely with Dr. Farthing and his staff to achieve treatment excellence for our patients. SDISC honors this special group of doctors by providing them with individualized attention and benefits.

Why should I become an ASCENT member?

ASCENT MEMBERS can take advantage of the following valuable privileges:

  • Complimentary DVD’s of current and prior lectures
  • Chance to win exclusive giveaways only available to ASCENT members.

ASCENT PLATINUM members (Our top referring practices) receive vouchers/invitations for:

  • Valet parking voucher for all study club events
  • Exclusive access to Pre-Meeting Hors D’Oeuvres with Dr. Farthing, the speaker, and other ASCENT PLATINUM members
  • A special Breakfast with the speaker Friday morning after the meeting
  • Complimentary open bar at our meetings
  • Specialized Hands-on workshops designed to help grow your practice

How to become an ASCENT member:

  • Your practice earns points for referrals. Practices which accumulate 100 points annually by referrals will automatically gain ASCENT membership.
  • ASCENT membership can also be attained by paying an annual membership fee of $500. This membership includes premier reserved seating at all of our lectures, complimentary DVD of Spring and Fall lectures and a chance to win exclusive giveaways only available to ASCENT members.

Refer a Patient

For more information on becoming an ASCENT member please contact us.