Small Group Study Clubs

Why Join the SDISC Small Group Study Club?

By joining Dr. Farthing’s Small Group Study Club, you are dedicating yourself to the development of a higher level of clinical, diagnostic, treatment planning and value creation skills. You will work side-by-side with a small group of dentists and Dr. Farthing (the study club leader), treatment planning six interdisciplinary case studies throughout the year. By pooling knowledge and resources, the entire group’s skills, competency and confidence will soar. To setup a demonstration, go to and click on “schedule a demo.”

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Our study club curriculum begins with DVD case studies narrated by prosthodontists
Dr. Frank Spear, Dr. Greg Kinzer, and other leading clinicians. It’s like having the experts at our study club in person (see website example).

Our Curriculum includes:

  • Interactive DVDs directed and narrated by Doctors Spear, Kinzer or Winter; presented while our gourmet dinner is served

  • Practical learning you can apply immediately to help build your practice

  • A progression of learning that will have you practicing increasingly higher levels of comprehensive car.

  • A Small Group Study Club password protected Web micro site with tutorials, discussion boards and upload capabilities

  • An overnight Summer Small Group Study Club Getaway Seminar at a premium resort and conference center (equaling 2 additional study club sessions)

  • Opportunity to create deep ongoing bonds of friendship and trust with colleagues

  • Support group to whom you can turn to for help, tips, suggestions and discussions

  • Better treatment outcomes, happier patients, and increased productivity

Most importantly, from participating in Dr. Farthing’s Spear small group study club you will achieve better treatment outcomes, happier patients, and increased productivity.

“I really like the way the cases are laid out and the progressive way its done. There is something from every case we study that applies to what we do and what we have to treatment plan every day, so it’s a very practical, incredible resource. It just makes such good sense.”
— Dr. Karen Gordon

Dr. Farthing’s SDISC Small Group Study Club may be the most effective and enjoyable learning experience of your professional career. A small group of committed members with a shared vision, purpose, and learning objectives with the ultimate goal of practicing dentistry at the very highest levels in our profession.

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** For further information about participating in our Summit Dental Implant Study Club: Spear Edition please contact us **