Summit Dental Implant Study Club 2017 – April 13th

Dear Colleagues:

You and your staff are cordially invited to the Spring Seminar of the Summit Dental Implant Study Club, April 13th, 2017- Thursday 5:30pm at the Inverness Hotel and Conference Center.

Dental implant based therapy has become one of the cornerstones of dentistry today. There are a plethora of implant manufactures offering all types of dental implants and components.

Selecting the best implant and restorative solution for our patients is a key challenge.

Dr. Steve Hurson’s presentation “Evolutions in Implant Dentistry,” will provide the scientific information necessary to navigate these options in order to achieve long-term implant treatment success. He is uniquely qualified to present on this topic as he has spent his career in the research and development of new implant systems. Dr. Hurson personally holds eighteen patents in the field of dental implants and lectured around the world on this subject.

Our learning objectives are:

  • Discuss critical issues that determine stability of the implant/abutment connection and it’s impact on implant survival.
  • Provide information on the new implant systems currently available.
  • How does implant design influence biologic considerations and the development of
  • Discuss Prosthetic Biomechanics

-How and why have materials evolved?
-What are the biomechanics of implant loading?
-What complications develop as a consequence of poor implant/prosthetic biomechanics and how can they be avoided?

REGISTER ONLINE or complete the enclosed registration form(s) for you and your staff (include ALL names) and return it to my office by March 15th via mail or fax (303-753-8841). We look forward to seeing you and your staff there!

Many have reported that Dr. Hurson’s presentation is THE BEST program on dental implant prosthetics they have EVER heard! DO NOT MISS THIS MEETING!!

You will receive 3 hours of CE for this meeting.
Remember 15 hours of CE is required
every year by the state

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